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May 27th, 2014

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Quite a  while ago I had the great pleasure and honor of celebrating our friend's 88th birthday with him. It was wonderful, we had drinks at a bar, then lunch at another restaurant, followed by some touristy things like taking photos on the hill above the city, drinks at a beach bar and then watched the sunset on the beach. Jimmy can't see that well anymore, so all this was for our benefit, and what I can say is that I am in awe of how vital and alive a man of that age can feel. All I can hope is that I will also reach that age with my mind still intact. 

I am already having a hard time picturing that, as it seems that I want to do a lot ogf things, but I keep finding reasons not to do them. I thought about writing separately about all the excuses that I had for not writing anything in such a long time, but I think the most important one is that I actually felt embarrassed that I have not done any (ANY) yoga in almost 3 months. Most definitely this whole make-it-public-to-feel-compelled-to-stick-to-it thing is not working for me. I might get back into it soon, I am hoping, as I will try to ease my way into a vegetarian lifestyle and I think it will require some me time to keep myself strong and motivated. As usual, no promises that I will actually keep you updated.


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