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When something just doesn't work

May 20th, 2015

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I have really been stepping out of my comfort zone lately, I think that after more than a year and a half with braces during which my main goal was to not attract any attention to my face/lips, I am going a bit crazy with lipstick purchases, but I am also a bit more adventurous with my bases.

I more open to experimenting, and it took me a while to realize that just because something is bad or good for someone else, it does not need to be the same for me and I need to try it a few times before deciding.

The first step was finally letting go of a foundation that I could not make work in any way - my Mac Studio Sculpt foundation. It was my very first Mac purchase, the colour was a perfect match, and I had high expectations. But it just did not want to stay on my face, not with or without primer, not in winter or summer, not with powder or without, not when I used less or layered it. It looked amazing for about 30 minutes to an hour, then it would start slipping off my face and my skin looked like it was going to peel off entirely. Not a good look unless you are an extra in a zombie movie. So I had to accept that it was not going to work for me, and I had kept it for about 20 months, so it was time to realize that it had to go, hence no original photo of the tube.

I still ask myself sometimes if I should have kept it, I do that with everything, I hold onto things for very, very long, even though I think about discarding them all the time, and after I finally do it, I either have doubts for a while or I have those moments when I say to myself "I could have used that now". It's not true though, I have to remind myself that it's ok and they are just things. We can do it without so many things. Quality over quantity.

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