Givenchy Le Rouge in Mandarin Bolero by Carmen

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March 31st, 2014

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I don't know what my stand on "trends" is - I don't particularly worry about being on trend and there certainly are trends that I have never thought were cool (over/under plucked eyebrows, anyone?), but when something that has the potential to become a classic comes around, I am intrigued. 


I am quite pleased with myself that I discovered the Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick in Mandarin Bolero all by myself and well before all the fashion weeks around the world told us that orange lips are the thing this year.

I fell in love with this lipstick about a week before Christmas, when I was shopping for presents and took a small break from the crowds in the mall to calm down; I get a little anxious is malls sometimes, so I need to find a quiet place and take a deep breath - I used to go to bookstores and browse the shelves but lately my superficial side is taking over and I find that swatching lipsticks is just as soothing.

I didn't actually purchase it then, I very proudly managed to stay focused on the Christmas shopping, but I thought about it constantly and even had a debate with some close friends whether I should get it or not. Almost two months later, I got it as a very early birthday present. In order to try to make my birthday really special, I waited until then to actually use it for the first time and it was everything I was expecting it to be, with the added bonus of it fading really well.

The lipstick is a bright-ish orange red, completely matte without being chalcky or drying at all, but not moisturizing either. The colour pay off is amazing, you can definitely get away with one coat only, but I usually do a really thin one, pat in then go over it again; I apply it directly from the bullet and feels very light and comfortable on the lips, I almost forget that I have lipstick on, a feeling that I actually enjoy. It makes less self conscious about my make up and it makes it feel like a part of my skin instead of a mask.

The packaging was actually the second thing that made this lipstick so desirable to me (unlike the Chanel Rouge Allure ones, where I knew I wanted one of those lipsticks, and then it was a matter of choosing a shade), and while I thought that it can't get more glamourous then black and gold, I have to say that the black leather and silver tube has a very rock'n'roll, bad ass, want to listen to Black Rebel Motorcycle culb and go on a road trip around America in a convertible kind of feel to it, really contrasting to the very grown up and classy matte colour inside. 

You have below a photo of me on my birthday, opening presents and talking, and the only photo of me that did not come out blurry. As usual, I wear bold lips with minimal makep up - a natural looking foundation (Bobbi Brown Long-Wear foundation, my new-ish discovery/obssesion), a sweep of bronzer to get some colour, and lots and lots of mascara.

Birthday celebrations

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