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October 6th, 2014

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I love putting make up on, I really do. I love taking my time with it as well, not because I do anything elaborate, but because I like it to be perfectly blended. It is therefore unfortunate that I am not a morning person. I mean, I think waking up in the morning is great, you get to do so much more things - or at least I do (or think that I do) - and I generally feel very satisfied with myself when I manage to wake up before 7 AM. That being said, I also need to mention that it takes me approximately an hour to wake up completely, and I don't mean just to get out of bed. No, what I mean is that after half an hour of snoozing the alarm that started going off around 5 AM, I need another hour to feel human. I am a like a zombie during that time, going into the kitchen to make coffee and forgetting what I was doing, washing my face with my moisturiser and putting my shirt on backwards. 

It's no surprise then that for a day to day, work appropriate kind of eye make up I keep going back to this easy peasy foolproof combination:

The Body Shop eyeshadow in 07 all over the lid - due to its light reflecting properties it looks like you have a more matte colour in the crease so I like to blend it quite high up. 

Chanel Precision Eye Definer in 02 Brun Teak - creamy, matte, warm brown kohl pencil, with a smudger sponge on the other end, perfect for lash line definition.

Maybelline Great Lash mascara in Brownish Black - the first mascara I ever bought (not this tube, of course) and the perfect one for a natural finish, lashes are a bit more obvious and darkened, but not over the top. The formula is quite wet, which means that it's prone to smudges on the brow bone when you apply it, but for me it means that it leaved the lashes looking almost glossy and that you can layer it very well. I find this mascara to be the perfect one to wear during the day before going out, because it layers very well under any other mascara.

And the best thing about this combination? It comes off so easily when I take my make up off that I do not dread having to go through a 6 step evening skincare routine anymore.

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