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Purple mascara makes everything seem better

December 1st, 2014

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This is an old photo. Not 1930-yellowed-on-the-edges old, but many things have changed since it was taken. 

For one, after many debates inside my head, lively encouragement from my friends and many-a-plea from my other (and sometimes better) half not to do it, I have fringed, and it was a great idea (no photos yet, contemporary cameras cannot capture such greatness). I have also decided to change the shape of my eyebrows a bit, because I can, a.k.a the worst reason to do something, ever. This was not such a great idea, but at least I have an awesome fringe to hide them while they become who they are supposed to be. Looking at this photo, I have to ask myself what I was thinking, I mean, look at those perfectly neat catterpillars just hanging there atop my purple mascara, they looked just fine!

I guess that this colourful eye adornment was just the first step in the direction of taking risks or exploring new avenues in my made up life, and I have since paired the violet lash enhancer with rouge lips and the fringe that by now has you making faces and going "urgh, she's already mentioned it 5 times, can she stop now or I'll close the tab", but don't, please bear with me while we talk a bit more about why we feel we need to wear make up.

Just kidding, we do it because it's fun, I sometimes put it on for a few minutes, then take it off, and I have the best of times, so please let's stop talk about the why, let's stop putting pressure on each other to explain ourselves, spread some love and just enjoy life. With or without make up, whatever we feel like, because it's ok either way.

Purple mascara
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the purplest mascara of them all?

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